TudZu 1.2

Share media files with your family and friends


  • Share all sorts of media files
  • Also works as a backup tool


  • Many options are only available on the website
  • Poor English translation


TudZu lets you share media files with your family and friends over the Internet, making use of private groups that can only be accessed by those you invite.

After a quick installation and a required computer authorization, you're ready to start using TudZu. You can create groups to manage the users you allow to see your content, and albums to share media with them. These users must have a TudZu account as well in order to access your content.

TudZu also works as a backup tool, enabling you to create copies of your sensitive data in the program’s servers. All file transfers are done via the P2P protocol and encrypted for extra security.

In general terms TudZu seems like a good idea, but there are some details you should take into account: albums don't work as regular photo galleries like the ones you may be used to – that is, they don't display images in proper sizes; most of TudZu's tasks (inviting other users, creating a group and so on) have to be done on the developer's website instead of the program itself; and last but not least, the English used both on the website and the program needs an urgent revision.

TudZu lets you share media files with friends and family on the Web, but lacks certain functionality to make it easier to use and more user-friendly,



TudZu 1.2

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